On Dember 15, 2022 VPACT submitted to the Milton Town School District Board of Trustees a petition to abandon the current draft Equity Policy. You can find a full copy of the statement here.

Representatives of VPACT presented to the Board and public a timeline of events and facts surrounding the Equity Policy and its creation.

In a nutshell, this policy is nothing less than a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  Truth and fact no longer mean anything under this policy. Feelings, emotions, sexuality and identity politics now take center stage. This policy is strategically designed to reinstitute how our school operates across all facets and it will be based on a Progressive, Socialist, and Marxist ideology.  It will be the cancer that rapidly pollutes the minds of our kids and grooms them into social justice warriors.  We see it for exactly what it is. The key members of this school’s leadership know exactly what it is and they have gone to great lengths to hide these truths from our tax paying citizens.

Here are the facts:

  1. This policy is “recommended,” not required;
  2. This policy will supersede all other policies;
  3. This policy has unchecked legal ramifications;
  4. This policy is Marxist and un-American;
  5. This policy was put together 2 years ago by a committee with a woke agenda that no longer participates in current policy discussions;
  6. This policy is lead by a committee that no longer takes questions and doesn’t  include community comments in their meeting minutes;
  7. This policy has received extensive and constant pushback for the past 10 months, including hundreds of questions, dozens of emails, numerous meetings attended in opposition;
  8. This policy is riddled with Critical Race Theory & Queer Theory (openly admitted by Wilmer Chavarria);
  9. This policy has already cost the taxpayers thousands of dollars;
  10. And this policy has diverted valuable time and energy away from our children.
Brock Rouse, “VPACT Statement to MTSD School Board,” 12/15/2022
A portion of statements made by VPACT to the MTSD School Board on 12/15/2022.

VPACT presented the petition, including over 1000 signatures, and reminded the Board of their obligations to Milton residents.

In closing – we are providing; a copy of this statement, dozens of emails sent to the board and Administration from several concerned Milton residents about the proposed Equity Policy, the referenced petition with over 1,000 signatures from Milton residents, and a third-party legal review – provided by an attorney out of Burlington that works with many Vermont School Districts. 

We would like to remind the School Board Trustees that you are elected into your position to represent the voices of Milton parents and taxpayers.  Therefore, you work for us, NOT for the Superintendent or Administration.

Nichole Delong, “VPACT Statement to MTSD School Board,” 12/15/2022


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