The leadership of Vermont Parents Against Critical Theory (VPACT) recently learned of the repainting of the electrical box outside of the Milton High School. VPACT does not condone vandalism or violence of any kind including what happened at this installation. Our members have always and will always work lawfully within the system to support change. We strongly condemn the use of vandalism to make a point. That being said, the initial painting of the Black Lives Matter display outside of MHS was a political message and VPACT does not want our schools politicized. While we agree with the sentiment, the phrase and logo belong to an organization that is believed by many to be fraudulent and harmful to the black community. It was started by self-proclaimed “trained Marxists”, who have allegedly embezzled millions of dollars in donations to buy themselves luxuriant homes. The modification of the mural was painted without input from a majority of the school or the community. These are not the messages that we want to send to our students. We do not want them to emulate the fraud allegedly committed by a supposedly charitable organization. We do not want them to think they can skirt the system when they don’t get their way and we don’t want them to think they can commit vandalism when they don’t agree. Our students deserve better and as a community we are better than this.

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